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DPO Executive

This Certification is addressed to professionals in the specific field of data protection, in various Enterprises and Organizations.

  • Participation Prerequisites
  • Certification Procedure
  • Benefits

Those professionals interested in participating in the examination, shall be at least 21 years old and hold a higher education degree.

The examination mechanism consists of theoretical assessment.

After a successful examination, the professional acquires a certificate of compliance, valid for 5 years. During the certification period, the professional shall comply with the certified persons’ commitments and the scheme’s code of ethics.

There is no surveillance requirement for this scheme.

In case the professional wishes to renew his certification after the 5 years, he has to apply once more to TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS. If there is evidence of at least one year of working experience as a DPO Executive, then there is no need for a re-examination. Otherwise, the professional has to complete the examination successfully again, according to the valid examination mechanism, in order to renew his certification.

TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS’s experience and reliability, guarantee the recognition of the competence level of the professionals by the labor market, whilst the Certificate provides them a competitive advantage during the personnel selection procedure by interested companies.

A professional certified by TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS:

  • empowers his professional identity,
  • provides evidence for the competence of his professional qualifications,
  • acquires a competitive advantage in the international labor market and
  • enhances his clients’ or employers’ confidence.