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CAAP Validation Assessment

CAAP Validation Assessment

Cloud AAP Validation Assessment is the first and only scheme for the security assessment of the security of the cloud service. The Cloud AAP Validation Assessment (in short CAAP) was created by the independent organization Holistic Information Security Practitioner Institute (HISPI).  TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas is the only Certification Body in Greece that can perform these assessments that in term lead to the issue of the CloudeAssurance Seal.

The provided service consists of an assessment that aims to verify the security ranking of the Cloud Service. The process is independent, substantiated, based on evidence and it is carried out by highly experienced and certified Assessors. By following this process a Cloud Provides, will be able to demonstrate and prove the exact measure of security that has been incorporated to the Cloud Service. After the completion of the process and the validation of the score, the cloud provider has the right to affix the CloudeAssurance Seal with the Validated Score. 

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The main advantages of this service are:

  • The final client (cloud service user) has the ability to visibly see the level of security that has been incorporated in the cloud service
  • The level of security is not based on the say so of the provider, but it is proved by an independent expert opinion
  • Since a Cloud Provider can operate anywhere in the world, only the testimony of a truly international organization (like HISPI and TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas) can be internationally acknowledged and recognized.
  • By validation the Score, the Cloud Provider shows its commitment of security
  • In this way a benchmark between the same industry is possible.